Waxing Faqs

Below are some frequently asked questions about your experience here at the Waxing Spot.

What should I do before my waxing appointment?

Be sure your hair is at least 1/4″ long for best results. Thicker hair should be closer to 1/2″. Please come to your apt with clean skin. Please do NOT go tanning right before (or after) your apt as this can cause your skin to lift and become very irritated. It is recommended, but not required, to exfoliate the area(s) you are getting waxed within 24 hours prior to your appointment. for best results.

Does waxing hurt?

Of course ripping hair out of its follicles isn’t going to be comfortable. However, everyone has a different experience. Rest assured, The Waxing Spot uses a variety of different waxes suited for different areas of the body, hair type and skin type. And as you can read in the comments from our clients, we offer the least painful waxing experience. Is there anything I should/shouldn’t do after getting waxed? Yes, please do not go tanning for at least 24 hours after as this will cause irritation and possible sunburn. Please wait at least 12 hours before working out as this can also cause irritation.

What about ingrown hairs?

We recommend keeping the area exfoliated to avoid ingrown hairs. You may also want to use a topical cream (we carry Finipil). For best results, both are recommended.

Can I get waxed during my period?

Yes, but please wear a clean, fresh tampon. Please know your skin is more sensitive during this time.

Why do I break out after waxing?

This is a question I am often asked, and one big reason a lot of people think they cannot wax. The areas that have the most reaction are upper lip, backs, and chest. But the bikini area and even sometimes the legs can have a reaction. The reactions can be pimples, rash, bumps or itching. The biggest reason is simply that the skin isn’t used to getting the service and the hair hasn’t been weakened yet. Also as a general rule the biggest reaction will be the first waxing as well. Here are the ways to ‘get over’ the reactions and prevent further problems.
  • Get waxed every 4 weeks like clockwork! This will get all the hair on the same growth pattern, plus get your skin acclimated.
  • Don’t shave, tweeze, thread, or use any kind of depilation in-between. If you do, you interrupt the growth pattern, and the hair will not come out correctly, nor stay gone as long as it will if you only wax every 4 weeks.
  • Use Clear It Blemish Control. If you use Clear It Blemish Control on the area the night you get waxed, and morning and night until your skin is completely over any possible reaction, it will both minimize the reaction plus help it go away much faster! Also if you breakout for any reason on any body part, this helps everything from mere pimples to full acne.
  • Go to a Professional Technician who uses a damn good product and has a clue! Trial and error.
  • Get waxed every 4 weeks like clockwork! (got it?)

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